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Forms and Styles of Essay Writing

In the world of essays, there are four most common and popular types of writing:

1. Expository Essay Writing

When the intent is to inform or explain something, which most often happens in an expository essay, you want to approach this writing by using this style or form. Generally, you should formulate your topic, use an outline for the data, and explain your idea to demonstrate or prove your point. Your thesis statement comes very handily in the outlining process, which is ideally followed by body paragraphs and a conclusion.

In other words, the expository style or type of writing outlines the topic and its main points. You don't go in depth or attempt to persuade someone, but explain a subject or process from start to end as clearly and concisely as possible. All of this should be supported by logical reasoning and facts.

2. Descriptive Essay Writing

The purpose of this style or approach is to describe something and clear up the entire thing to the reader. In this style, senses are highly important. The task of the writer is to bring ideas and events to life and give the reader a full understanding of the chosen topic.

Descriptive style can be used to write all kinds of essays (https://bestessaysservices.com/reviews/bid4papers-com-review/) where the student is required to explain some experience. A descriptive essay is definitely a place where you use this style, but you can actually use it in any other essay type where it is required to describe something, drive on experiences and move further than just dry facts. In fact, descriptive style is what brings an essay into life and prevents the reader from getting overwhelmed with too many facts.

3. Persuasive Essay Writing

The third is a type of writing where you take a stance, a point of your own. Instead of using the descriptive style to simply paint a picture of a thing, you look at that thing and demonstrate how you see it. Then, you move even further. In addition to choosing your opinion, you do your best to convince others that it is that opinion that truly matters. Your style demands attention to details and choice of words since incorrect use of words can destroy the point of your persuasive style. Moreover, persuasive writing demands research and data to support the point being made.

4. Narrative Essay Writing

The final in this list is the least common of them all and yet, a very important style to master. The narrative style is limited to storytelling and rarely used in other types of essayhave ​writing. It requires great writing skills and creativity. Instead of approaching a point by using a lot of data, researching and persuading people, you'd be using narrative style to demonstrate your creativity. Fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction are written with a narrative style and approach.

These four types of essay writing explain, describe, persuade and narrate and can be combined for best effects. Look into them and consider the essay requirements, and you can find a mixture of styles that help you ace your essay.


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